The Founder of Diabolism / Mo Dao Zu Shi

Lan Wangji pulls Wei Wuxian out of the water. In an attempt to keep him awake, Lan Wangji plays a song he has composed specially for him, although the latter passes out anyway. Wei Wuxian wakes up in his own room after being saved by Jiang Cheng. He then learns the Lan sect leader has passed away and the Wen sect has taken all the credit for killing the beast. When Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan comes to visit, the family once again has an argument over Jiang Fengmian's unfair treatment to Jiang Cheng. When the parents leave, Jiang Cheng gets angry at his own father for never taking him seriously as a Jiang and recounts how he came back to Yunmeng with great difficulty. Wei Wuxian promises him he is worthy to be the next clan leader and he will be his subordinate, just like their own fathers, easing the tensions between the two. The Wen sect continues with their plan to set Supervisory Offices in every clans. Wang Lingjiao comes to Yunmeng to demand Yu Ziyuan to punish Wei Wuxian with Zidian. Without Jiang Fengmian around, Jiang Cheng is unable to stop her. Wei WuXian silently takes a whipping, hoping the Wen will then be satisfied and leave the Jiang alone. Wang Lingjiao afterwards tells Madame Yu to cut off one of Wei Wuxian's hands, which she seems to agree to until Wang Lingjiao tells her she will head the Supervision Office at the Lotus Pier and be given authority over Madame Yu. Then Madame Yu strikes her for not knowing her place.