Legend of the Galactic Heroes / Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu

On his way to Heinessen, Yang thinks about the current situation. The Alliance's disrespect for human rights, democracy and freedom on the pretense of the war is leading the nation toward its destruction; moreover, the failed invasion of the Empire and the civil war have drastically weakened the Alliance's military. In Heinessen, Yang is separated from his companions, Louis Mashengo and Frederica Greenhill. While Yang's personality and actions are questionned by the committee, Greenhill and Mashengo try to reach him, but any contact is denied. They go to Admiral Bucock for help, but are attacked by the P.K.C. (which appears to be related to the Earth Cult) and rescued by Bucock's staff. April 10, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: the Geiesburg Fortress enters the Iserlohn Corridor.